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cheesecakeBirthdays are so much fun. Life’s busyness and to-do lists seem to pause for a minute, and we celebrate LIFE itself. Maybe with candles, balloons, flowers, or sprinkled cupcakes. Maybe with silly cards and martinis. Or maybe with karaoke, surprises, or long naps. Whatever the season, whatever the mood, I love the “pause”. …Life is such a gift!!

So this week, when the clock strikes midnight and I magically turn 31, I want to just pause and give thanks to God for the years he’s already given me. I think it’s a little crazy when folks lament their birthdays as if each year is just another scoop of dirt dug out of what will be their grave someday. With each year comes so many memories, and so much opportunity to grow into better and more loving people than the year before. Sure, I wear compression knee-highs at work to support my circulation when I stand all day, and I like the idea of a hotel more than a hostel on a vacation now. But it’s not the end of the world… 30 has been good! : )

As I look back and give thanks, I also want to look ahead with anticipation and expectation. I’m asking God to show me the next step… where he would have me be and what he would have me do this next year. I truly, deeply want to live a life – how many ever years – that demonstrates love and has eternal significance. Whether the outer beauty holds up or not, I want to be a lady who has an inward beauty that grows.


clock…thank you for taking a little time to pause along with me, to read this post. It’s my hope that life doesn’t just pass you by, but that you live this year – whatever number it is for you – with gratitude and intentionality. My husband’s beloved Grandma Bishop was a wonderful woman who lived more than NINETY years on this earth. In the last days of her life, the joy-filled woman remarked “boy does [90yrs] go fast!” …how crazy, and how true to think that the years can zip by so fast. Let’s make the most of our years!


…And for any of you out there in the 30-is-so-old camp… here are twenty highlights from my twenties. God is good in every season, and I wouldn’t trade the years away! (Though if you want to send me wrinkle cream, I will laugh heartily & still love you.) : )

  • MARRYING the love of my life!
  • FALLING IN LOVE with Josh… I love every bit of our story
  • CRUISING the gorgeous Caribbean
  • BUYING our first house
  • SEEING God provide Josh’s dream job
  • FINISHING graduate school – 3 wonderful years in seminary
  • BECOMING auntie to 4 beautiful nieces & 2 handsome nephews
  • WALKING in the steps of Jesus in Israel
  • PAYING OFF a brand new car (bought after years of crazy car trouble)
  • HEARING good results of brain MRI: negative for MS (praise God!!)
  • BEFRIENDING amazing girls in India who’d come out of prostitution
  • REJOICING that my dad’s cancer disappeared after surgery
  • MOVING to Miami for a year: foundation work, tropical life, poverty
  • JOINING relief efforts in New Orleans
  • CHANGING majors in undergrad – studying what I enjoyed
  • LIVING with a host family in Chile for a summer
  • DEEPENING my faith during six very memorable weeks in China
  • HEALING past wounds: growing in forgiveness, humility & grace
  • DABBLING with new recipes & flavors
  • EXPLORING the US with friends… road trips, hostels, yurts, hikes..


clock image available at https://www.etsy.com/listing/35599830/30-inch-french-gallery-wall-clock


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