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…LIFE as of late…

I wouldn’t describe myself as a “predictable” person. Others might, but they would of course be mistaken. : ) You see, I love exploring, adventure, and creativity. I love meeting new people, hearing new stories, talking about new ideas, traveling to new places, and dabbling with new recipes. Thus, to me, things that are too predictable can seem a bit stagnant — in need of a fresh breath of creativity and whimsy. Alas, the dislike of appearing too predictable really has little to do with the reason it’s been six months since I’ve posted anything to this blog.

        My mind has just been cluttered.

Life has continued and God has remained, but I haven’t found the time and quietness of spirit required to untangle and articulate the tangents, storms, and epiphanies of my mind and heart. Perhaps you can relate. That said, this blog was never meant to be flawlessly written, nor was it ever intended to showcase only the sunny spots in life. Rather, I’ve hoped that this would be a place of genuine honesty, celebration, encouragement, and challenge — both for myself and for whomever stumbles across it. I truly hope you are blessed in some way by what you find here.

The past six months have been stuffed — like Santa’s toy bag or a Thanksgiving turkey. Let me elaborate…

-my dad was diagnosed with cancer, underwent surgery, healed, and declared cancer-free! The night before I left to see him, my roommate had a friend over and I overheard something about her taking the train north. She just happened to be going to the same place I was, to see her father, who she’d just found out had cancer… the very same kind my dad had! God orchestrated that night and that trip like I’d never seen before and he turned a situation of grief and pain into one of blessing and companionship.

-I saw a friend who uses a wheelchair everyday actually walk down the aisle on her wedding day!

-when a garbage can came tumbling into my freeway lane and I was boxed in, I hit it and came to a grinding halt. Not only was my car undamaged, but the lady behind me miraculously stopped in time — being rear-ended at a dead stop would have put me in the hospital if not the morgue!

-someone at church suggested I attend an out-of-town conference on justice and then proceeded to give me both a free registration and a free place for me to stay while I attended

-I was writing a paper on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at a coffee shop one afternoon and a fellow I’d never seen before came over and started asking me about it. He’d seen my notes scattered around, had lived in Israel for a time, and wanted to know my thoughts. He’d never been to a Christian church and wasn’t sure what I believed or why. We talked that afternoon about a lot of things and I made absolutely no progress on that paper. It was the best thing I did all day.

..bracelets from India..

..bracelets from India..

-I stumbled across a breakfast hosted by an international organization in town. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw pictures of the girls I’d spent time with in India both on their 2011 calendars and on the slideshow of the main speaker.

-I planned a dream trip to Europe and ended up cancelling my tickets a couple weeks before I was supposed to leave. A week or so later an opportunity to visit an out-of-state friend opened up. I went and it was amazing — honestly so much better than Europe would have been if I’d have forced the original trip.

And the list goes on… in the past six months:

..friends have had babies, others have lost loved ones; some have fallen in love and been married, others suffered in broken marriages; some have received full ride scholarships to school, others have struggled to buy groceries; a dear friendship broke, but many others have been revitalized and restored; friends have left to live overseas, others have returned after living overseas.

..I’ve met with leaders of different faiths and heard their stories (Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Unitarian). I’ve dug into the Bible, preached a sermon, written papers, attended church, and have fallen on my face in front of God a number of times. With guys I’ve been both pursued and rejected. I’ve been learning about humility, relationships, and the destructive power of gossip and sarcasm (Ephesians 4:29).

I’ve been thinking and talking about the church, roles of men and women, and relief work. I’ve been in class, out on the town, clocked in at work, at the gym, and with people. I’ve also been reading quite a bit — “chewing the cud” on the thoughts of others. I love God and am convinced we can’t live without Him.

This is my life.


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